Interview with Claudia Döffinger

 Photo © Bernd Faszl

Photo © Bernd Faszl


1. Thank you, Claudia, for being part of Brave Folks.
Would you like to share with us something more about yourself? How did you get interested in music?

I’ve always loved music and I’ve been able to lose myself into it. I learned how to play the piano and I really cherished the feeling of being good at something that didn’t have anything to do with school and grades. Ever since I got interested in Jazz music I’ve been to a lot of concerts and this has inspired me, that’s what sparked my passion for being a professional musician. Both my parents like listening to music. My mum, a very open-minded person, came with me to jazz concerts when I was a teenager, because my friends weren’t interested in that kind of music.

2. Is there a person you look up to, someone who has influenced you and your music style throughout the years?

I am interested in so many different music styles that it wouldn’t be fair to name only one because there are numerous artists that have influenced me. I should also not forget to thank to all the people around me, the university, my friends and family.

3. If you were given the chance to collaborate with any artist who would you choose and why?

The list would be endless.

4. Being an artist means that you put your heart into your work, in particular into the music you create. We would like to know what does music mean to you and where do you get inspiration from?

Music is the language that I use in order to express myself, to create, to connect people, to inspire others and get inspired in return. It sounds strange, yet it’s simple. I can find inspiration in everything: feelings, colors, nature, trips, life events, music itself and so on.

5. You are part of the band “OREGANO”. Can you tell us more about the type of music you create and how it all started?

I think Tom, our guitar player, had the idea of starting a new reggae band and made the very first step. I can’t remember how we all got together. The most important, so to say, ‘requirement’ was to be passionate about reggae. We cover songs from the 60s and 70s and also some stuff from Amy Winehouse’s Ska EP.

6. You play the piano. How old were you when you started taking piano lessons?

I was 8 years old when my grandma’s piano was brought to our house. I’m not even sure if I was the one wanting to start playing or my parents but, of course, they’ve never forced me to do anything so I suppose it was a mutual decision.

 Photo ©Bernd Faszl

Photo ©Bernd Faszl


7. What do you dream of? How do you imagine your music career in the future?

I would like to do as many different things as possible: giving concerts, composing, arranging and teaching. It is the variety of activities that makes me happy. I hope I would never lose my passion for music. I’m living my dream now!

8. What do you think are the biggest challenges most young musicians face? What have been the most difficult part of your journey until now?

There are so many talented musicians out there. Sometimes it is really hard to keep your faith, to keep going and doing what you love. Sometimes it is hard not to be scared of the music industry. You have to be at least a little bit insane to go through all this and live as a musician. I personally have faced many challenges on my way so far and I realize that they are part of the journey and there will always be something more to overcome.

9. What else are you passionate about?

I am passionate about several things and one of them is travelling, for sure. During my last trip I got addicted to diving, the feeling of losing myself into another world, full of funny corals you have never seen before and hundreds of beautiful, colored and curious fishes moving all around you. I practically cannot wait for the next dive to come.

10. You are part of Solidarity evening. How did you get involved in this initiative and what do you think about it?

I came to Graz in the autumn of 2015 and I’ve been attending Solidarity Evening from the very beginning, even when it took place in Ines’ flat. In April it will be my third performance at the event so far. I believe that there should be more people in the world spreading love and affection, offering help to those in need. 

 Photo ©Bernd Faszl

Photo ©Bernd Faszl